Album: The Multi-Dimensional Satchel

Monkey Puzzle are proud to present their first official studio release, The Multi-Dimensional Satchel.  With soaring vocals and violins, sultry clarinet, pulsing bass and atmospheric guitar, dynamic drumming, percussion and sound effects agogo, the entire release is written and performed without a laptop using real instruments and FX hardware.

Recorded at Blueleaf Studio by guitarist/producer Ralph Stokes, and with visionary digital artwork created by percussionist Andrew Clark, it is a five track journey through a diverse blend of instrumental fabric.  Moving across a wide pallet of electronic styles, Monkey Puzzle include chill-out, world, drum ‘n’ bass, downtempo and psytrance in their inaugural offering.  Dabbling in all musical styles, from rock to classical, through reggae, folk and dance; the psychedelic six piece weave a warped and cinematic path from bliss to delirium and back again.