Monkey Puzzle – Live, Psychedelic and Electric

Monkey Puzzle are a 6-piece live band who play psychedelic instrumental electronica. Combining drums, bass, guitar, clarinet, violin, vocals, percussion and samples played with a variety of mind-altering sound manipulation techniques.

Monkey Puzzle weave a rich sonic tapestry which combines the sounds of electronica with the organic energy of live music. Their sound is a diverse and oceanic journey, blending extensive ambient chillout sections with swells of pulsing psychedelic trance and surges of all-out tribal rhythms. Their musical compositions are both improvised and meticulously arranged, both mechanical and organic, containing both yin and yang.

Monkey Puzzle are fascinated by the natural world and its manifold forms. Its influence is never far from their music. Philosophy, science, spirit and the human condition influence their sounds and musical journeys. The subject matter of their music so far includes an existential take on ambergreiss, sloths, geometry, microcosmic moss worlds and the elusive elephant bird. Monkey Puzzle believe that we are all one; people, the earth and all the creatures therein deserve love and respect.

Musical comparisons to Monkey Puzzle include Ott, Massive Attack, Shpongle and Tool to name but a few. Whilst Monkey Puzzle do not sound exactly like any of them, in all cases they are certainly flattered that the comparison has been made…

Featuring members of Backyard Rhythm Orchestra, Dub Tek, O.P.E.N. and The Book of Silence, Monkey Puzzle are a curious mutant hybrid never considered for mass production. Too weird to live, too rare to die; make sure you witness this unique musical event.


Tamara Kazziha – Vocals and Violin, Ralph Stokes – Guitar, Andy Strong – Clarinet, Ian Gibb – Bass, David French – Drums, Andrew Clark – Percussion and FX

Monkey Puzzle Music